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Charted November 12, 2005, the Nashville Chapter of the Afro-American Historical and Genealogical Society, Inc (AAHGS). is a not-for-profit organization with a mission to support the national organization of AAHGS by providing resources for historical and genealogical studies, creating a supportive network among researchers, and showcasing and celebrating the findings. AAHGS is the premier organization dedicated to documenting and disseminating African-American genealogy and history. Headquartered in Washington, D.C., AAHGS focuses on promoting scholarly research, providing resources for historical and genealogical studies, creating a network of people with similar interests, and assisting members in documenting their histories. The members share their knowledge and discoveries with others by conducting workshops and giving lectures at events for a wide variety of organizations.

Our creed is: Remember the Future.

Our motto is: Cuddle up with a good read; Lose and find yourself in your family and community histories!

We support historical and genealogical research conducted by individuals and own the intellectual property rights for all of the projects we produce. We also market and distribute books and other historical projects, some of which are created by AAHGS board and general members.

AAHGS members have worked with private and parochial school systems, Boy Scouts of America, Black Family Reunion, George Washington University’s Archives Week, Department of Housing and Urban Development, departments of Defense and Justice, Library of Congress, National Archives and Records Administration, U. S. Postal Service, National Parks Service, and other historical and genealogical organizations.

AAHGS keeps in touch with its members through a variety of different vehicles: a scholarly journal, published semi-annually, featuring articles of original research on African-American history and genealogy; abstracts of manuscripts and records from court houses, archives, churches, and other primary sources; an award-winning newsletter, highlighting current activities and news; and an exciting annual conference, consisting of lectures, workshops, exhibits and tours.

Because of the founding members’ diligent work, AAHGS Chapters Committee Co-chair Lucius Bowser said in his November 16, 2005, letter acknowledging establishment of the AAHGS Nashville chapter that, “I also want to congratulate you and your chapter as being the quickest approved Chapter in history. Great work.”

Hear co-founder, Barbara Walker, talk about the founding of AAHGS.  This video is from the 2012 AAHGS National Conference.

Founding Members:

Charter Members:

  • Leslee Dodd Karl
  • Julia Otey Lee
  • Willie Edwards
  • Hortense Johnson
  • Oddie Bryant Jones
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