Come & Share Your Family Story

For our December Monthly Meeting, AAHGS Nashville is pleased to have YOU as our guest speaker!

That’s right – this meeting is a chance for you to present, show, and tell us all something interesting you’ve learned in your family history and genealogy research. We all have diverse backgrounds and family pasts so this will be an opportunity for us to learn more about you.

You can present on any aspect of your family history that you choose – have a family heirloom and want to tell it’s story? Made a connection and want to explain what led you there? Have you used DNA analysis to uncover family mysteries? We want to know!

We will meet Saturday, December 3rd at 9:30 am in the Civil Rights Room at the downtown Nashville Public Library. Our meetings are free and open to the public. 

Konnetta Alexander will facilitate the meeting and share one of her own personal stories – “How a Spinning Wheel Lead to documenting My South Carolina Family Slave”. Konnetta has more than 20 years experience doing genealogy research with most of her effort dedicated to three projects – researching family, transcribing and making public excerpts of an Antebellum slave account/record book, and performing interpretative presentations about the lives of free persons of color and slaves. Konnetta is an annual participant of MAAGI (Midwestern African American Genealogy Institute) and member of several historical societies. The focus of hergenealogy research is locating, documenting and personalizing the lives of slaves, whether family or not.

We look forward to seeing you there and hearing about your own family history!

After the meeting, we welcome you to spend time working on your own family history research; books will be available to aid you. If you are able to join us, please register to let us know you’re coming. The meeting is open to the public and we look forward to seeing you there!

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